Sunday, December 25, 2022

Revealed the new strategy of Coti and Rabbit from Big Brother to survive

Coti  and Rabbit look for a new union in the house to reach the final. Without falling into the conspiracy, they analyze the situation to ally themselves with whoever suits them best. Juliana's arrival made the couple reflect. details in the article!

"I'm not going to leave Thiago alone, I'm taking him with me," Alexis said during an interview with his girlfriend, stressing that he considers Juliana a "friend." "You have to see who comes, maybe it's people we don't trust," replied the Corrientes in reference to the elimination round on Monday, in which two former contestants chosen by the public will return home.

I hope people realize that it's a game,'' Coti  said in an interview with Maxi, to whom he confessed that he played spontaneously with his friends. "I knew that Koné could prevail, he wanted something easy for him, thank God Thiago saved him. I don't know why people are wrong," she added.

"It wasn't the people who did it, it was a group of people who made a mistake," Maxi replied, adding: "Now you have to support the rescue, there are many people who support you." "Do you trust me?" Rabbit asked Maxi, who answered in the affirmative. "Well, trust me," replied the Cordovan.

Juliana, for her part, has been reserved, drawing the ire of outsiders, who expect her to attack Coti for the information she brings from abroad. However, she has been subjected to severe sanctions, so she will surely try to keep quiet.

There is no more waiting for what will happen with this new strategy implemented by Coti  and the Rabbit to survive in this strong competition.

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